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Shey - MLP Custom by Shin-Theladlemonster Shey - MLP Custom :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 1 0 Birdy? by Shin-Theladlemonster Birdy? :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 3 1 Being a Kokiri is fun! by Shin-Theladlemonster Being a Kokiri is fun! :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 2 1
The Blinking Dog was a respectable, upstanding establishment during the day. But when night fell and spirits were high, it belonged entirely to the court of The Rogue. The various scoundrels of the city gathered there to celebrate a fine night's work, or to carry out deals and negotiations. It was generally considered to be safe ground, protected by its Guild status and the money paid in bribes to the watch each week.
The bar was dimly lit and rowdy, the air rife with the sounds of laughter and revelry as the patrons indulged in all manner of recreation. Gamblers in varying degrees of success crowded around long tables that were host to games of dice and cards. Silvers and coppers changed hands as other patrons placed bets. The more respectable women sat with their men, while the less respectable ones plied their trade in the rooms above. The place thrived on its steady stream of coin, information, and ale.
"Aha! Ten high, suckers! Am I the championess or what?" The voice rang out over
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Hattey by Shin-Theladlemonster Hattey :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 1 2 Artz by Shin-Theladlemonster Artz :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 1 1
Mind Over Matter
"It was too late; by the time I realized Dregan was insane I was in far too deep to back out. I was – and still am – head over heels in love with that man." Shayla lets out a soft, entirely humorless chuckle. Her eyes look distant and her voice takes on a nostalgic tone. "I remember thinking he must be a saint, the way he helped me turn my life around…"
She sighs and leans forward, propping her good elbow on the cold metallic interrogation table. Between the garish purple and green bruises blossoming across her once-flawless skin, it is evident that she is even paler than usual. Her glasses are missing, long since broken by some ham-handed interrogator. Her hair is dank and unwashed, hanging in her face. She holds one arm gingerly, the shoulder had been pulled from the socket, and it still aches with a dull throb. And yet none of this had broken Shayla. She had refused the offers to join their dirty organization. She had spat in the face of every attempt at physical tort
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Mariko by Shin-Theladlemonster Mariko :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 1 4 Would I do Such a Thing by Shin-Theladlemonster Would I do Such a Thing :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 2 3 Noble After All by Shin-Theladlemonster Noble After All :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 1 0 Magus by Shin-Theladlemonster Magus :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 4 1 A Different Time by Shin-Theladlemonster A Different Time :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 3 0 Indecisive by Shin-Theladlemonster Indecisive :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 2 1 Sholan by Shin-Theladlemonster Sholan :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 1 1 This is a Cleric by Shin-Theladlemonster This is a Cleric :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 3 1 The Gang by Shin-Theladlemonster The Gang :iconshin-theladlemonster:Shin-Theladlemonster 0 0

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In which I went on tumblr once.

And the world never saw me again... o.o


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